Rigs & Scripts



Fleshy Eyes.

Intuitive Finger Controls.

IK/FK Switching.

Hair Control.

Versatile Feet Control.

Butt keeps its volume.

Easy to use Spine Control.



Cammy Rig - Personal Project



Switch between Obi-Wan and Anakin.

Switch lightsaber models.

Turn lightsaber on or off

Ball/Heel and Toe Roll.




Jedi Rig - Personal Project



This is a tool I developed with Python in Maya. It helps the animators to bring in video and image references into Maya and also helps to keep it all organized


Reference Tool - Maya, Python



Intuitive eye and mouth controls.

Detailed controls for the entire face. Rig allows you to create almost any expression you want.



Face Rig - Personal Project



This is a small tool I developed to help me and my fellow animators to quickly switch between blocking mode and spline mode when working in Maya.


Blocking Tool - Maya, Python

Mattias Kirsten


contact@mattiaskirsten.com | +46 737 77 49 10



Easy to use suspension control.

Wheel and steering control.

Expressions drives the wheels and the barrel of the turret.



Warthog Rig - Personal Project